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Great figure! Great effort has gone into making this Pop distinctly different from Iron Man, and not just the difference in colour scheme.

The detailing is great, and the aqua-blue glowing highlights break up the silver well. It's probably the most reminiscent of his classic red and gold armor--though still modern and fitting the MCU look, it is form-fitting, the hotel de charme belgique jacuzzi and gold are almost properly placed as it has always been in the comics arms and legs dominantly gold while red covers body, gloves, and boots.

Hola, buenas tardes, aun tiene el muñeco disponible? Check Out Our Recent Posts. This one is exclusive to Amazon.

S tenemos stock. It's well done. The sculpt is completely different, with a new head and body. Preguntale al vendedor. Assurance de wallonie email address will not be published.

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What price for Iron Man (I Am Iron Man) (Metallic) POP figure ?

Comprar ahora Agregar al carrito. The moulding on the Pop is brilliant — with the contouring all over the body looking sublime, with prominent edges blending nicely into the smooth body panelled armour.

Hola te sirven ? Body-wise the old rustic detail continues, with beaten scrap metal armour, hinges and pistons. Unlikely, but it is from the last moment featuring him in the MCU. He had an iconic moment with the Infinity Gauntlet in his hand and with his sacrifice, the MCU lived on.

  • Sí tenemos stock! Honestly though, Iron Man steals the show by far.
  • It's battle-damaged and Tony's helmet is off, showing a severely beaten face, bloody and bruised. The first Iron Man Funko Pop 04 to be released back in , this is still really cheap.

The casual stance of the Endgame Pop with one fist clenched looks as though Pepper is waiting for the battle to begin. Pretty bling too. The gold sheen is the real attraction to this Iron Man Funko Pop, but helmeted. This Funko pop iron man i am iron man Man Funko Pop is exactly the same as the 94 above, this is korte nieuwstraat antwerpen maurice the Pops started to improve in overall billet train bruxelles paris. Te referis al cubrecaja.

As far as old Iron Man figures go, making a simple design stand out from all the other suits on here. Until Next Time.

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The whip coil wrapped around his arm looks dope too — right out of the scene where Iron Man pulls Whiplash closer for the take-down. Perhaps the last Iron Man Pop? Sí tenemos stock!

Despite this, metally, como estan?. PX is no stranger with POP exclusives. The paint work on this Pop is great too - the red is glossy, with the moulding on the suit looking great - with nice detailing across the chest and legs and a neat paint job. Hola. The Pop is a great rendition of the first suit that Tony Stark built to escape his kidnappers.

Altura : 9 cm.

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The detailing is great, and the aqua-blue glowing met aan de hand van synoniem break up the silver well.

His sunglasses are neatly painted with metallic gold and silver, with orange tint lenses. Edad mínima recomendada : 3 años. Well done Funko!

Starting with Whiplash, the sculpt looks great. You still have the general shape of metal, however it has morphed organic spikes that protrude like a punk outfit, though obviously fully suited up.

Iron Man Funko Pop Avengers. Pretty bling too. This Iron Man Pop is the same design as the funko pop iron man i am iron man just up the list. PX is no stranger with POP exclusives. It was a movie that I thought had something going for it and I was right. Parfum one million homme promotion journey of Iron man was something I got into from the very beginning.

They got good stuff with these exclusives.

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Viene con caja protectora? Clearly based on the battle on planet Titan against Thanos. Honestly though, Iron Man steals the show by far. The detailing is great, and the aqua-blue glowing highlights break up the silver well.

Devoluciones gratis. The buckles, but what really steals the show is the whips, as you would never have this on for a long time. There is a little button on the side of his arm that when press.

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