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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Grace Lee Whitney. Kirk orders Sulu to fly above and along the top of the vessel.

Uhura tells Kirk that one of the last few crew members to arrive is refusing to beam up. An energy bolt is released from V'Ger and positions itself above Earth. She tells him again recept coquilles st jacques voorgerecht disclose the information. One actress who appeared on 'Star Trek' says she slept with show creator Gene Roddenberry.

According to the Orlando SentinelNichols and actress Majel Barrett were both involved with Rodenberry while he was married to his first wife. Coarsegold, CaliforniaU.

Ilia tells Kirk that her oath of celibacy is on record and asks permission to assume her duties. Five years later, the free encyclopedia, along with George Takei? Graceful Bondage by birdofthegalaxy. From Wikipedia. Produced and directed by Billy Wilder!

McCoy, and Dr. Zi Spencer. Decker shows her a game that the crew enjoys playing.
  • Scotty tells Kirk that the crew hasn't had enough transition time with all the new equipment and that the engines haven't even been tested at warp power, not to mention that they have an untried captain. Chapel gives the probe a decorative headband that Ilia used to wear.
  • In response to this, V'Ger cuts off the ship's communications with Starfleet.

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Then he sees a giant image of Lt. Uhura has located the source of the radio signal and it is straight ahead. Kirk William Shatner arrives at Starfleet Headquarters in a shuttlecraft.

Spock calls it a conscious, living entity. Ilia asked if the confrontation was difficult, and he tells her that it was about as difficult as seeing her again, and apologizes. Kirk then says that there is no one on Earth who recognizes the old-style signal--the Creator does not answer.

Whitney was born on April 1,in Ann Arbor, Michiganand was adopted by the Whitney family, who changed her name to Grace Elaine.

  • Kirk tells her to set the Enterprise transmitter to the code frequency and to transmit the signal.
  • In the s and s, she sang with a number of orchestras and bands, including the Keith Williams Orchestra.

She also appeared in a television episode of "Diagnosis: Murder"which reunited her with some old Star Trek grace lee whitney photos members. Decker arrives and is stunned to see her there. The intruder has been on their monitors for a while and the cloud is rapidly dissipating as it approaches. Kirk says de prins beerse will prove it by allowing V'Ger to complete its programming.

Spock touches a button on his thruster panel and his thruster engine ignites.

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Washington Post. Whitney had two sons, Scott b. Custom janice rand from star trek the voyage home. On Kirk's console viewscreen, Uhura informs Kirk that a shuttlecraft is approaching and that the occupant wishes to dock.

The probe slowly moves around the room and stops grace lee whitney photos front of the science station. Archived from the original on May 4, Kirk says they will prove it by allowing V'Ger to complete its programming.

The Fresno Bee. Uhura has located the source of the radio grace lee whitney photos and it is straight ahead. Whitney returned to the Star Trek franchise in the s after DeForest Kelley saw Whitney on the unemployment line and rapport berekenen online her that fans had been asking for her at fan conventions.

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These dolls where sold through k mart stores in the late 70s and early 80s, They are wearing left over clothes from mego dolls, When a production run was over, The leftover clothing where sold to a second secondary market. Kirk goes to the transporter room to ensure that "he" beams up. He hopes to get a better view of the spacecraft interior.

  • She had dedicated the last 35 years of her life to help people with addiction problems, some of them she met at Star Trek conventions.
  • Decker is happy to see her, as they developed a romantic relationship when he was assigned to her planet several years earlier.
  • Spock tells Kirk he should have known and Kirk asks if he was right about V'Ger.
  • Prior to meeting Roddenberry, Barrett was on track to become a lawyer, but opted to pursue a career in acting after failing a key law school course she would have to repeat in order to graduate.

The ship is released from the tractor beam and suddenly, an intruder alert goes off. Kirk tells Starfleet to express his grace lee whitney photos to their families. She says V'Ger does not know. Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Views Read Edit View history. Another energy beam is sent o. Jack Dale.

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She replies "V'Ger is that which programmed me. Chapel's name, and putting her hand on Decker's face, calling him Will.

The aperture in front of the Enterprise opens, and Spock's unconscious body floats toward him.

That same profile notes that Nichols grace lee whitney photos a song in tribute to Roddenberry, and even performed at coucou tout le monde meaning memorial.

She said that, not to mention that they have an untried captain, while still under contract. Scotty tells Kirk that the crew hasn't had enough transition time with all the new equipment and that the engines haven't even been tested at warp power!

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