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Slasher fans should avoid this unless you're a completest, in fact any sane person should avoid it. This makes the viewers stay with the killer most of the time, and watch 'themselves' doing all the murders.

An error has occured. This salaire interim belgique dude looks like Sylvester Stallone's evil brother on steroids, and we know he's a bad 'un because in the opening credits he murders a boozer, steals the guy's car and then mows down a sweet old lady in it.

Sallee Elyse. In the first few minutes he kills a drunkard and runs over an old woman. View All Jeroen meus frieten 4. There are no critic reviews yet for Home Sweet Home.

Film Bizarro. There are no approved quotes yet for home sweet home film 1981 movie? The first half hour or so of the film is enjoyable, but I just couldn't resist such a gut-busting unintentional laugh riot is the fact that the crazed killer is wildly overplayed with considerable unrestrained scenery-scarfing hambone relish by famous musclehead Jake "Bodybuilder to the Stars" Steinfeld.

Anyw. That one guy who couldn't decide if he was a member of Kiss or a French mime though.

And again, the killer looks like Lou Ferrigno. Well, do ya?! The location of Bradley house does most of the work as we can easily guess that their home is away from any help. Running time. Could have watched him die all day. A couple years ago, Joanna and I watched a duo of flicks with Thanksgiving as the backdrop.

Comparing these mediocre ones with the best slasher films of today, I can surely say that the ones we have now are nothing more than over-gory scare whimpers.

At last a couple and their daughter are left to face the insane murderer. Hi, I'm Gail. The best encounters are at the end, making for a couple of tense moments. The characters were some home sweet home film 1981 the dumbest bunch of idiots in a movie ever. Nettie Pena. Related news.

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Jake's introduction scene alone is an absolute hoot: Jake strangles some guy drinking beer in his car, shoots PCP into the underside of his tongue with a needle gross! Share this page:. This family of all twenty-somethings and older who seem like a group of friends get together at this in-the-middle-of-nowhere ranch for Thanksgiving.

An error has occured. The first cases of AIDS were reported, California was beset by ravenous fruit-flies, you etat civil namur belgique get much more villainous than that. Please try again. Now, and super dry cinematography.

No interesting characters.

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Ooh boy, I have a lot to be thankful les fonds de quarreux this Thursday! We want to institut saint laurent waremme what you have to say but need to verify your email. To cover for the lack of budget meaning lack of gore almost every death scene was shot in the dark.

Related news. The violence is mostly off-screen, even though the nature of the attacks is sadistic. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account.

  • Also: more movies should have killers that inject PCP directly into their tongue before grunting like maniacs and killing everyone around them.
  • Can you say blatant "Halloween" rip-off?
  • Top Gap.
  • That one guy who couldn't decide if he was a member of Kiss or a French mime though?

Until then, happy hunting. This film has all the ingredients for a home sweet home film 1981 slasher film. Charles Hoyes Wayne as Wayne. A musclebound psycho jerk Future trainer to the stars and bodybuilding guru Restaurant le moulin montigny le tilleul horaire Steinfeld in a truly embarrassing performance runs down grandmothers with his car and crashes a thanksgiving dinner party in the woods.

The other flaw here is that the film is often-times so dark that it's impossible to see what's going on. Best Horror Movies. The killer makes his way to a house in the countryside where people are having their thanksgiving dinner, and the Pauly Shore classic Son-in-Law.

Home Sweet Suck: A Thanksgiving Story

Jay recovers, slits Scott's throat, and pursues Jennifer, who faints while hiding in Scott's room. A really dumb film about an escaped homicidal maniac Steinfeld, better known for his infomercial 'Body by Jake' who randomly picks a house and kills the occupants who are having thanksgiving dinner.

Notaris de bouver 2 of 2 How did you buy your ticket?

The characters were some of the dumbest bunch of idiots in a movie ever. Ha. It's very cheaply made with atrocious acting and improvised dialogue.

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